Beira Post Cyclone Project Update - Need the Final £15,000

August 2019


We have been working extremely hard to assess the need in Beira currently and aligning our skills with our partners to make sure we have the best designed project to spend all the money you have donated over the

We have found out that the biggest need and most under supported currently are schools and the education provisions in the city. To date no schools have been started.

We have decided to adopt Matacuane Primary School and this week finally got We have we have raised £30,000 of the £45,000 through this crowd funding campaign and through grants. However, we need another £15,000 to make sure we can finish the school fully. This will help 3,500 children get back to education in the school

We are sending a team of 5 volunteer, 1 specialist engineering project manager, 3 building experts and 1 doctor to help with training and assisting on the project. We also will be employing 10 local builders through local firms and all supplies are being bought within Mozambique from professional building companies. We will be starting on the 19th August.

We have also donated 2000 water purification kits to Beira as well are in the process in designing three long term sustainable programmes for the city of Beira. We are currently working with partners in Beira as well as with funders in the UK on these. More details of these will come through once we can publically talk about them.

We also are lucky to have two expert volunteers now working with us to build our social media and website capacity we have needed. 

Thank you for all your continued support. 

All the best

Dominik abd BLB Team

Crowdfunding project

Beira Cyclone Crisis and Sustainability Campaign

Beira, Mozambique was hit by cylones in 2019 and 2021, causing massive destruction to the city. Help Beira repair Matacuane Primary School.

Funding successful

£12,797 raised