A huge barrier broken!

November 2019


Wow! Thanks to all of our amazing backers, we broke the £1000 mark today.

Thank you all so much. We set a really ambitious target and we're still hoping for a really strong finish in the last week of our campaign. Please continue to share the campaign with anyone you can think of; a little nudge here, a hint about a possible Christmas gift there... every single donation gets us that little bit closer. 

We're continuing to put every spare moment that we can into getting the album finished. We're recording again in a week and a half and if any of you that have backed us want to come and get your voices on the album, come and join us in the choir for a very special track. If you can get to Stroud on the 16th or 17th of November and would like to take part, drop us a line. 

Once again, thank you. We're humbled by your generosity and by your faith in us. We're straining every sinew to deliver you the best album (and t-shirt, cover version, night at a gig) that we possibly can. 

With much love from The Layers. 

Crowdfunding project

The Layers' album

We're an original band recording our third studio album. We want it to be bigger and better than before and to get our listeners fully involved.

Funding successful

£1,781 raised