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We're an original band recording our third studio album. We want it to be bigger and better than before and to get our listeners fully involved.

We're The Layers, a five piece band from in and around Bristol. We've been together for over ten years, writing and performing original music. We want you to be a part of our newest project.

We've self-funded two previous recordings. This time we're looking for people to get involved because we want to take a step up in the quality of what we do and we're hoping to be able to reward everyone that backs us with a really professional-sounding recording. 

You can hear some of our previous releases on our website:

We want to give our fans, old and new, the chance to be a part of the recording process, whether that's by supporting us financially or by joining us in the studio to play on the album! Whether you're a seasoned muso or just a bathroom baritone, you could come and join us for a recording session and take your place in the annals of rock history. We'll make sure you sound great.

Recording is under way. We're not professional musicians, so we record a little at a time. We will produce a full-length album of original music, with a target release of Christmas 2019. The money will go initially to cover our recording costs, which will be in the region of £2000.  Anything over that we raise over and above that target will go towards improving the quality of what we do. If we can raise another £600, we will have the album mastered professionally. Every penny we raise will go into making this album something spectacular. 

Unpacking for a rehearsal. We normally look slightly less shifty...

What are the risks? To our backers, we would like to think there is very little risk. We're going to produce the album whether we raise the money or not. What our backers can do is to make the difference between an amateur recording and something that sounds really spectacular. The biggest risk is to us: that we end up bankrupting ourselves to record the music that we've created. 

Please be a part of this project! Buy an album (ideal Christmas gift for the music lover in your life!), some of our other great rewards merchandise or better still, come and get involved by singing or playing with us. And please this appeal on to anyone else that you know who is passionate about supporting original music. With your support, we hope to have a great record out in time for Christmas.

Thank you!

Share your time and skills...

We welcome any non-financial contributions! Graphic designers, tee-shirt printers, musicians, producers and film makers - if you'd like to get involved in any way, please, please get in touch!

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This project ended on 15 November 2019

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Get these rewards

£8 – Digital edition of album.

14 people want this

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Upon completion, you will receive an email with a link for a digital download of the album, with our heartfelt thanks.

£15 – Signed CD - UK delivery

18 people want this

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Professionally burned CD, high quality printing.
Signed by band members.
Delivered by Royal Mail

£20 – Signed CD - International delivery

2 people want this

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Professionally burned CD, high quality printing.
Signed by band members.
Delivered by Royal Mail

£12 – Signed CD - save the Earth edition

1 person wants this

Get this reward

Want a CD but worried about your carbon emissions?
We'll send you everything that you need to burn and print a CD, including CD booklet and artwork, digital edition of the album and instructions to put it all together.
We'll even sign a personalised greeting on a copy of the album art, scan it and send you that too.

£24 – Special Edition CD - UK delivery

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Unique edition of the CD will include extra disc with extended mixes and bonus tracks. All signed with personalised greeting.

£28 – Special edition - international delivery

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Unique edition of the CD will include extra disc with extended mixes and bonus tracks. All signed with personalised greeting.

£20 – Limited edition vintage-style Layers Tee plus digital download - UK delivery

4 people want this

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A soft cotton T-shirt with a vintage-style Layers logo on the chest. These tees will be hand-made to order by the band themselves with loving care as we tun one of our houses into a sweat-shop for the day, complete with minimum wages and inhumane conditions.

£45 – Friends of the Layers reward package

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Special edition CD - your choice of physical or 'Save the Earth' version.
Your name printed in the CD booklet as a friend of the band.
Signed print of Layers Lego caricature line-up with your caricature included (we will require a headshot of you)
(T&C - It's a Lego caricature, we'll do our best but instant recognisability by your friends is not guaranteed!)

£25 – Launch gig VIP package

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Signed standard edition of CD plus-
Complimentary drink, reserved table/mosh space at album launch gig. Your picture with the band and souvenir VIP lanyard.
(T&C - must be available for gig dates, travel at own expense)

£125 – Be on the album!

1 person wants this

Get this reward

If you're a singer or instrumentalist, then you could appear on a track of your choice as a backing singer, instrumentalist or both. You could even take a lead part, in which case, we'll give you a special copy of the album with your contribution prominent.
You'll receive full credit on the album art.
(T&C - you'll need to be available on one of several studio days before the end of the year)

£100 – Gig with the Layers

Get this reward

If you're an instrumentalist or singer, join us at a gig to play on two or more numbers of your choosing. You'll be photographed, caricatured and get a the 'Friends of the Layers' package.
(T&C - subject to your availability when we're gigging; travel at own expense)

£250 – Your cover version on the special edition CD.

1 person wants this

Get this reward

We will record a cover version of your choice and include it on the special edition CD. You'll also get everything in the 'Friends of the Layers' package.
(T&C - song choice must be within our technical capacity to play, of reasonable length and may differ heavily in terms of style and quality from the original. Recording is for your personal use only and may not be redistributed)

£250 – Your own Layers gig.

Get this reward

We will come to your house or nominated venue and play a full gig.
Includes 'Friends of the Layers' package.
(T&C - Reasonable travel costs will be added to fee. Date by negotiation. We will supply band, lighting, PA system. Backer assumes responsibility for any other costs. We are happy to play for up to two hours and accommodate support act. You're welcome to come and sing /play with us!)

£120 – Be our support act

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Especially for younger musicians. If you're just starting out in a band and have never or barely ever played live, then come and support us at an upcoming gig. We'll supply the PA system, lighting and any other gear that you need. We'll engineer you and give you a few tips and teach you what we know about putting on a gig.
Includes digital albums for backers and band members.

£10 – Sing with The Layers!

Get this reward

Like to sing? Free on the 16th or 17th November? We need a choir. You don't have to be good, just willing to have a go. You'll get a credit on the album and a digital download when it's released. And it will be a lot of fun. You'll need to be able to get yourself to Stroud on one of the dates mentioned.

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