November 2019


Hi Guys a quick update. we are 85% of the way through now we are working on the accommodation. extended the pool deck. yoga on the roof top is live every Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. We have been exploring the area and there are endless MTB trails around. 

As we are receiving a lot of outside interest thanks to MR PANTS OFFICIAL has joined the team, we have decided to keep the project open ended for now. 

Mr Pants has joined as the manager for Launch Pad and starting his role mid Jan 2020. 


The project is gaining momentum and we will become a go-to place in Bali. Zipline gear has arrived and we just need to erect the thing. 

It's all happening. 

Andy Shanahan of Launch Pad and Adrenaline Chain. 

check IG @launchpadamed for regular updates. 


Crowdfunding project

Launch Pad - a BMX and Mountain Bike Park in Bali

Launch Pad, a BMX and Mountain Bike Park. With a 600m long mountain bike track, foam pit for big airs and practicing tricks, zip line and halfpipe

Funding successful

£400 raised