Fistful of Change, digital edition, download issues?

March 2020


Dear backer,

We've had feedback that a few people didn't find it very easy to download and listen to the album via our previous link. 

Please accept our apologies for this. We belong to the era of vinyl, cassettes, diphtheria and sabre-toothed tigers and are basically just sat here prodding at incomprehensible technology like Laika, the Sputnik dog. 

We want you all to be able to enjoy the music that you helped to make possible, so we've found an easier way to get the music to you. 

This link will take you to The Layers' web store and allow you to download the music for free:

You'll have the option of .wav or .mp3 format. Wav will give you slightly better quality but mp3 will take up less space. Your shout. 

As ever, if you have difficulty with the download or aren't able to listen to the music for whatever reason, please let us know via contact@the

If the worst comes to the worst, we'll give a young boy a shiny ha'penny to bring you a CD on his bicycle. 

The Layers.

Crowdfunding project

The Layers' album

We're an original band recording our third studio album. We want it to be bigger and better than before and to get our listeners fully involved.

Funding successful

£1,781 raised