April 2020


The service is up and running and sending out 300-400 boxes a week.

we have been innundated with offers of help.

we are one of a number of groups popping up in our area to help folks at this time.

This crisis is really hitting some people hard. If you can help please do .


we've been getting some really lovely messages that highlight the need for us all to keep pushing on.


I am heavily pregnant plus we have a high-risk child in the household so if possible it is best to leave box on doorstep. Thank you so much, this is such a help and I am hoping to make a donation asap. X

I have lost the persons number, they don't know the box is coming, but they need it. The person is ill in despite of the virus and doesn't get out much,  Thank you Pluff family

I'm unsure if you can deliver to my sister as she is in Kingswood, but she is a single mum, who has asthma, with 2 young children. They are on Universal Credit and struggling at the moment. Usually myself and our Grandma help them out often buying food, gas and electricity for them, but we are unable to visit them during lockdown and cannot get an online delivery for another 3 weeks at least. If you are able to deliver them a fruit/veg box it would be very appreciated. Thanks for everything you are doing to help our community in Bristol x

Just to say this will be a life saver and is much appreciated as I can't go out of at least 12 wks.

J. has a 12 year old son who has severe autism and Jason cant leave him alone. This has made it impossible to shop and online shopping is not working. Needs urgent food help to get him by till he finds more support .

Ordering on behalf of my girlfriend as she works alot is struggling with finances and is unable to shop due to being a key worker in current times.

Crowdfunding project

Community Care Package

A free food delivery service for our community for anyone who can't afford fresh fruit and veg.
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