Community Care Package

A free food delivery service for our community during the current crisis, for anyone who can't get out or afford fresh fruit and veg.

We are mobilising again to do a xmas food box to help during the cost of living crisis.

We are just setting up and our capacity will depend on the amount we raise and the number of volunteers but we are hoping to reach 4000 people across Bristol


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About us

We are a group of pubs, festival folk and local community groups using their time and skills voluntarily to help those at the sharp end of the crisis.

We are providing a free fresh food delivery service across our city. We buy in bulk, pack and deliver to those who need it most.

We were born during the pandemic and made up of volunteers from the local community, Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls Sports and Social Club, The Plough Inn, The Pipe & Slippers, The Lion, The Love Inn & the Star and Garter.

we previously co-ordinated with Aid BoxCommunity, Project Mama, National Food Service and Base and Roses. We would hope to again.


Jane, from Easton who has had regular boxes delivered to her home since the start of lockdown and has found the service “a lifesaver”. Previously working as a private house cleaner meant that her work completely dried up at the beginning of lockdown and she had to rely entirely on Universal Credit. Fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive for anyone who is on a budget and Jane never used to buy a lot of fruit and vegetables before as it was just too expensive. " it’s absolutely brilliant and my daughter who is a single parent also gets one so the whole family
are all eating more healthy meals”.

The crisis in our community

Over the last 10 years, child poverty and food insecurity have crept into our communities. It's an astonishing fact that we have working families who cannot feed their children without the use of food banks. The problem has been massively exacerbated by the current crisis. Unemployment, isolation, homelessness and illness have all played a part.

Each box averages  £4 which is super cheap for the quality and nutritious value.

Can you share this and all our social media posts with friends and family, far and wide?

Anything! Bristol needs you!





We are creating a database of DBS-checked drivers, packers & people who want to get involved. 

If you have a pub/building and would like to help in your area email us 

Email - to volunteer.


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