Thank you from PRSC

July 2020


Dear generous people who donated to our School of Activism fundraiser back in the mists of time before Covid put everything on hold.

I'm sorry it's taken us so long to get in touch but we are a small busy organisation and what with all the Covid changes you lovely people slipped through the gaps with everyone thinking someone else was talking to you.

Anyway, thanks to your wonderful generosity, the PRSC can confidently plan to reschedule the School of Activism knowing that we have a £500 pot to cover workshop expenses, subsidised spaces and othe project needs. So thank you again!

Some of you are going to be wondering where your gift bags are - don't worry, we haven't forgotten them, we have them prepared in our venue ready to send out.

We were hoping to invite you to a thank you party where we could present you with the gift bags in person, but that's madness in this cimate, so here's our suggestion:

If you can email and let us know your name and an address you want your prizes delivered to then we will cycle round Bristol delivering the gift bags by hand.

Thank you very much.
We are still really excited about the School of Activism and it will happen sooner or later.

Events Manager

Crowdfunding project

PRSC's School of Activism 2

An accessible programme of events to share creative skills like rewilding, street art, photography and digital rights to empower you and your area.

Funding successful

£560 raised