A big thank you !!

December 2020


Yes! We did it - Stage 1 achieved!

What an amazing group you are - to have raised £5000 in just 10 days for a project which will make so much difference to so many of the children who have been struggling to get connected online.

Of course the appeal will carry on and we'll be moving to Stage 2 in the New Year focusing on local businesses and a wider network of contributors in an attempt to close the remaining digital divide in our school.

You are all so brilliant and deserve an enormous amount of praise and thanks.

Stars, each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Crowdfunding project

Fairfield High School essential technology fundraiser

Let's bridge the gap! Help provide tech to those without in the Fairfield School community. All our children deserve a fair chance to shine!

Funding successful

£7,045 raised