Fairfield High School essential technology fundraiser


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Let's bridge the gap! Help provide tech to those without in the Fairfield School community. All our children deserve a fair chance to shine!

Addressing the need for equal access to essential online educational resources

Fairfield High School Parents Network have launched this fundraiser to provide the technology necessary for all students at the school to access essential online learning at home.

The Covid crisis has revealed widespread inequality of access to the technology needed for education and this is affecting a surprisingly large number of our school community. Some can only access on-line learning on a Smartphone, or are sharing tech with siblings. Many other pupils are using out-dated hardware, or have no access to any computers or internet at all.  

Appeal reaches £6,575

We raised over £5,000 in Stage 1 of the appeal just before Christmas and these funds have now been passed to Fairfield School IT department for the provision of a first wave of laptops, dongles and routers. This has made a real difference to the lives of many students and their families, but there are still many who are struggling and the need is urgent.

In addition to this fundraiser we're also working with DigiLocal who will be repurposing donated laptops and delivering direct to our students. If you do have any used equipment that you can donate please use one of their Drop-Off Points located throughout Bristol.

Online access for all students is now a necessity and not an optional add-on. It's critical that these children do not suffer further and we need to address the problem now, without delay.

Anything you can contribute will be hugely appreciated and will help to safeguard a child's future.

Let's bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots and give all of our children a fair chance to shine.

Many, many thanks for your generosity and support.


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This is an open ended project. There is no time limit and payments are taken straight away.

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Get these rewards

£10 – Donation

£10 tops up the fund and helps a child who's been struggling to get online.

You'll receive a nice warm glow for the rest of the day.

£30 – Donation

£30 is the rough cost of a month's mobile internet access so a child can get connected and take part in online lessons.

You'll receive a big bundle of good vibes to last a few days.

£50 – Donation

1 person wants this

£50 goes a long way to providing a dongle and internet access for a child who's been struggling to keep up with those more fortunate.

You'll receive a week's worth of virtual thanks and all of the above.

£100 – Donation

£100 significantly part-finances a laptop for one of our students who is patiently waiting to connect online.

You'll receive a good helping of positive vibrations for the week ahead.

£315 – Donation

£315 buys a laptop for a child who's been trying to get by with little or no online access. You'll have made such an important contribution to a child's welfare.

There's a lot of good karma coming your way!

£500 – Donation

£500 helps to close the digital divide at our school. Your donation means a gigantic leap forward for the fund and a lot of big smiles.

You'll receive a huge virtual hug for being so generous and helping so much, as well as all the above rewards.

£1,000 – Donation

£1000 buys laptops for three children. That's three futures which you'll have helped to change.

You'll receive a massive virtual hug for being such a legend and helping to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Look out for the shower of positivity that's coming your way.

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