Review of my translation

September 2021


Thanks, Emad Nasher Alne'am for your review of my translation of the book.

The review

I couldn't wait any longer for Dr. Fadi to complete the translation of Daniel Larimer's More Equal Animals. As after reading the book in English, I had the interest to widely share it with my colleagues at work and with friends, but the challenge was that it was not available in Arabic.

I was very excited when I've heard that Dr. Fadi has taken upon himself the burden of translating the book. Thanks, Dr.Fadi; Your ultimate accuracy in your book through using numerous translation methods and styles reflects your deep understanding of the subject, in addition to your creative competencies in both languages, English and Arabic alike.

Indeed, the use of distinctive semantics, rhetorical language, and figures of the speech made me feel the originality of the work and made it easier to share this valuable book. Thanks a lot.

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