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October 2021


Thank you so much for your support - we have hit our Target of £15,000 with two days to go. 

Our brave skydivers are gearing up for an amazing event this weekend as the weather is looking great. Doing a skydive for charity - for people who might never be able to say thank you, really is very special. We are delighted to have a 16 strong Sleep Pod Skydive 2021 crew, who in turn have your support. What ever you have contributed is really appreciated.

Our target of £15,000 represents 500 people that will have a Sleep Pod emergency shelter this winter. As we know the need is great we will continue to push - all monies we raise go to buying the materials and to getting Sleep Pods who need protection this winter.

So we push to get more people involved - so if you have anyone that might want to support the way that you have, then the link will remain open for you to pass the details around. 

We are Sleep Pod and what we do matters. It matters most to the people that sleep in our emergency shelters when the world is dark, when the nights are cold and the weather is terrible. When the nights are long and the environment scary our Sleep Pod offers some protection and support. 

Thank you for sharing our vision and being part of the Sleep Pod story. 


Sleep Pod - For dreams of a better future.


Crowdfunding project

Sleep Pod sky dive 2021

Sky dive to support - Sleep Pod (Charity no 1187295) that make and distribute one person emergency shelters that are given to rough sleepers.

Funding successful

£25,100 raised