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Sky dive to support - Sleep Pod (Charity no 1187295) that make and distribute one person emergency shelters that are given to rough sleepers.

Hi thanks for coming to take a look at my fundraising page.

I will be jumping out of a plane at about 13,000 and falling at approximately 120mph and I appreciate all the support I will have. Namely you coming to look at this page and donating towards my chosen charity - Sleep Pod (Charity number 1187295)

I am doing this skydive for two reasons. Firstly, I am incredibly brave (the charity wrote this) and secondly, the fact that people die all too often whilst sleeping on the streets from hypothermia and exposure to the elements. Sleep Pod say that this is unacceptable and I stand with them. 

Sleep Pod's are an emergency shelter and not to be seen as a long term solution. They are rain and wind proof, light-weight, self-stable, easy to maintain and can be put up / taken down in seconds. They come in their own bag and self-warm. Sleep Pod's use body heat that gets reflected back towards the user. In tests when the outside temperature was a barmy -16 degrees the "next to body" temperature was +22 degrees. 

Invented in 2018 - Sleep Pods have been called a game changer by those in the know and to date have deployed well over 5,000 units across 9 different countries. Sleep Pod work with distribution partners all over the UK and beyond to find and gift their one person shelter to people in need. Sleep Pod is a not for profit and use teams of volunteers to manufacture this very unique shelter that has had very positive feedback from users.

Sleep Pods cost £30.00 each so they have suggested that people might like to think about their donation in terms of people. £30.00 supports one person and £15.00 will support half a person, etc. All contributions will go to support their work.

So here is what you can do

Donate any amount and know that this is appreciated

Share this with others on your social media network - show others you care.

Share this with your company and colleagues - show your boss you care !

Get your best friends to match your donation

Come with me and support me - you can drive the car but not fly the plane! (the charity wrote this)

Check out their website to learn more  

Contact them if you want to know more

More about this event. 

The very first Sleep Pod Skydive 2021 will attract a team of approximately 15Tandem skydivers - we will get together and perform our acts of bravery in October 2021 at the same location in Northamptonshire (weather permitting)

Each sky diver will need to prove they are medically fit, adhere to all the rules and regulations that govern the sport of skydiving and Tandem skydiving in particular as laid out by the sky dive centre. Each sky diver will be given safety equipment and a full safety briefing.

Each person will be allocated a Sky dive instructor, board the plane and wait until the plane climbs to the jump altitude (approximately 13,000ft in my case) then its something like.........

Be scared - Be nervous - Jump attached to their skydive instructor - Feel elated - Feel the adrenaline - Feel alive - land safely - Be congratulated - Be proud - Reflect on how the funds I raised will help others, etc !!! 

I am to raise as much money as possible to help the Sleep Pod Team raise the grand total of £15,000 and a huge target of 500 people. 

The Sky dive team

The 16 strong Sleep Pod Skydive 21 crew will consist of me ! The Sleep Pod co founders and Sleep Pod Team members and long term supporters as well as others that share the same vision of being part of the Sleep Pod story.  As well as the very experienced team at Hinton Skydive Centre.

Risks and challenges

Yes there are risks and yes I am up for the challenge. Doing a skydive has been called the ultimate challenge. When the time comes i know that i will be anxious but also that I will jump. The issue of street deaths due to hypothermia is so serious and so simple to reduce - how could I do anything but jump. 

Thank You 

Thank you for reading all the way and Thank you from the Sleep Pod Team -

Sleep Pod - For dreams of a better future.

Share your time and skills...

We would love to have as much support as possible - so if you want to come along and witness true bravery - you are very welcome to do so and can get more information on location by emailing

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