A quick update on the good that you do

October 2021



Just wanted to say a final thank you - as well as updating you on the Sleep Pod Skydive 2021 fundraiser - You have been joined by well over 600 others that have donated to support the work that Sleep Pod (charity no 1187295) does as well as supporting our 16 strong skydiving crew !

Initially the target was £15,000 (500 people) and that was smashed even before anyone got into a plane ! Now the grand total is at just over £21,000 (700 people) and is still climbing as we are keeping the fundsurfer open for another week or so. 

Thank you

To everyone that has donated - proving that when people come together we can do great things 

To the Hinton Skydive centre and fundsurfer team - thank you for all that you have done to support the work of Sleep Pod. 

To the Sleep Pod Team - your passion for helping others knows no bounds and is constantly impressive. 

Final thought 

If you want to help organise a Sleep Pod build, if you have a company that might want to help organise a Corporate Sleep Pod build, if you want more information on what we do or have a great idea for a fundraising event - we would love to hear from you - please email info@sleeppod.uk

If however, you have watched in awe at the bravery of the first 16 Skydivers and want to stand on the shoulders of these giants !!!!!!!! then why not sign up for next years event - the Sleep Pod Skydive 2022 - email us at - givingsupport@sleeppod.uk   so we can update you on our plans


Sleep Pod - For dreams of a better future.

Crowdfunding project

Sleep Pod sky dive 2021

Sky dive to support - Sleep Pod (Charity no 1187295) that make and distribute one person emergency shelters that are given to rough sleepers.

Funding successful

£25,100 raised