April 2015


Finally, ten months later I am uploading the finished film to YouTube.  It's turned out to be harder than I thought mainly due to the combined pressures of campaiging to protect the NHS, making and editing the documentary and keeing the day job going, so my apologies for such a lengthy delay.  The last few weeks have been frantic with Protect our NHS arranging and running five public meetings (hustings) on the future of the NHS and ensuring that all the candidates for each constituency were corralled and placed on a platform.  There was one major no-show from an incumbent MP, but the rest all turned up to be quizzed by the packed audiences in each hall or theatre.  If they didn't know before that the public really care about the NHS then they sure do now! 

If funders would like a DVD copy for themselves please let me have your address. I shall be arranging a showing for Bristol based people, but I'm afraid it won't be until after May 7th.

Finally, please remember that on election day, it's a vote for any of the parties who you can trust to Protect our NHS that counts!

A thousand thank yous to you all for your funding.


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Protect our NHS: One Thousand Thank Yous

Documentary about the fight to save the NHS. Come to the premiere at Bristol's Watershed Cinema!

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