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Documentary about the fight to save the NHS. Come to the premiere at Bristol's Watershed Cinema!

Update! Fundsurfer has offered to extend our funding campaign deadline by 14 days because we have gained considerable momentum in the last few weeks.

The film

This is a documentary from Bristol to lay bare the unfair health care policy that has been imposed on an unsuspecting public, but it's also a film with national relevance.

Groups like Protect Our NHS have sprung up everywhere to fight the most damaging effects of the coalition government's 2012 Health and Social Welfare Act. 


So much is already going wrong: A&E departments at breaking point, waiting times are stretching back to the horizon, accountants rationing operations. We want to document this, show it, and make sure it is known.


This film will expose the small print the government has tried to hide away from your eyes.

  • Got cataracts? Fine – but they'll operate on only one eye.
  • Varicose veins? Sorry, that's cosmetic now.
  • Got an emergency? Your local A&E department has been relocated to a 'super hospital' twenty miles away.

And what about the 25% of our population who suffer from acute depression or other mental health problems? Mental Health Services are subject to 20% more cuts than any other sector of the NHS. 


This film will ask the questions that haven’t been answered:

  • Did we ask for this? 
  • How will this really affect us?
  • Who will suffer most from this heartless exercise in free market ideology? 

And this film will find the hard answers when government refuses to give them.


Come to the premiere at Bristol's Watershed Cinema 

We plan to show the film at Bristol's Watershed Cinema. Pledge at least £50 to get an exclusive invitation to the celebrity hosted opening night!


The film structure

The film will contain four main elements cut against each other:

  • fly on the wall footage as the Bristol based Protect our NHS Campaign Group goes about its work, questioning, demonstrating, leafleting, arguing;
  • interviews with key members of the Group;
  • interviews with key politicians;
  • sequences with NHS patients and staff. 


We learn about the campaign's founders. We go behind the scenes as they plan their actions; we interview NHS staff; we sit in on legal meetings, join the demonstrations and marches.


The film is not just passionate, it's informative:

  • It's about how you learn to do battle with unelected NHS bureaucrats
  • It's about learning to use the law against the very people who write it
  • It's about getting out in the streets and telling everyone that it's our NHS and we, the people, want to keep it


We need your help to tell the hard facts and the cold truths the government have kept quiet.

If we fail, people across England will not be offered the care they need, the care they deserve, the care they've paid their taxes to receive.


Pledge now and help us protect the NHS! 


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This project ended on 7 June 2014

This is an all or nothing project. The funding target must be met by the time limit otherwise the pledges will be cancelled.

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