Online Teachers Raise £40,000 to Develop Learning Platform Co-op

August 2022


MyCoolClass, a new learning platform cooperative, has raised £40,000 through community shares to develop their own platform and provide fair work for online educators

LONDON – August 9th, 2022 – MyCoolClass, a new learning platform cooperative, has raised £40,000 through community shares to develop their own platform and provide fair work for online educators.

MyCoolClass helps teachers with fair payment for their teaching and tutoring services and gives members a stake and say in the workplace. MyCoolClass is dedicated to bringing equity to online teachers around the world who are tired of being exploited by big tech.

“The education sector has been defined by rampant profiteering in which both teachers and students are getting ripped off", says John Hayes, the creator of MyCoolClass. “We are building an alternative to the venture capital-owned giants that have been dominating the online learning sector by giving teachers skin in game through community ownership. Teachers want something better and that’s MyCoolClass. ”

MyCoolClass features unique courses in a variety of languages, subjects, and skills. The co-op attracts high-quality teachers and eager learners globally who prefer working in an ethical and democratic environment. The platform is currently available in 14 languages and offers classes in over 20 languages.

To effectively market and expand services to more teachers, MyCoolClass is undertaking a community shares issue. The cooperative needs to raise capital to grow the business and challenge industry giants. Community shares is a common fundraising practice in the UK among cooperative societies.

MyCoolClass has an objective of raising a maximum target of £500,000, with a minimum share subscription per person of £100. Interest of 5 percent will be paid annually after year one. The withdrawal of capital is targeted after three years, and UK investors may seek up to 50% tax relief on their investments. Investors can also vote in elections and run for board of directors. The community shares offer is being hosted on Fundsurfer and closes October 15th.

Community shares is a user-friendly name for withdrawable, non-transferable share capital: a form of equity uniquely available to cooperative and community benefit societies. Since 2012, over £155m has been raised by over 104,203 people in community shares across the UK.

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Community Shares

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