Our groups within the Green parties

May 2015


Hi All

Thought I'd post a bit of background information about our organisations.

I'm a member of the Scottish Green Party. This is a separate party from the Green Party of England & Wales, although we work closely together, as indeed we work with sister Green parties throughout Europe and all over the world.

"Co-operative Greens" is a group of Scottish Green Party members. Our logo is derived from the Scottish Greens logo (of course, everyone's welcome to wear it with our badges and t-shirts – the more the merrier!)

There's an equivalent Co-operatives Discussion Group in the Green Party of England & Wales.

Our two groups are collaborating to share this stall at Co-op Congress. Hopefully there will be many more joint projects in future.

If you're a member of either party (or both!) and want to join one of our groups of co-operators, please get in touch with me for details.


Steve West
Co-convenor, Co-operative Greens special interest group
Scottish Green Party

Crowdfunding project

A Green Party presence at Co-operative Congress

Co-operative Congress is the annual gathering of the co-operative movement in the UK.  We want to put Green politics right at the heart of it.

Funding successful

£799 raised