Album Insights Event - this Sunday

October 2023


Dear all,

A reminder that we're hosting a small event this Sunday at the 1901 Arts Club in London. It starts at 5pm and you're welcome to join to hear us rehearse the music for the debut album as well as discuss the concepts and recording process in more detail. 

If you'd like to attend, send a message to

We're also headed into the studio next week to record, thanks to your generous donations earlier this year. The album won't be released till 2024, but as our valued supporters we'll be sending you behind-the-scenes videos and content from that recording session in the coming weeks. 

Many thanks again for all of your support! 

Best wishes,


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Echo Vocal Ensemble Debut Album

We're thrilled to be recording our debut album in 2023! It's a huge milestone for us as an ensemble; can you help make it possible?

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