Meet the team on the stall

June 2015


We've finalised who will be running the Green stall at Co-op Congress.

Friday 26th
Steve West (Edinburgh Greens)
Rory Ridley-Duff (Sheffield Greens)

Saturday 27th
Steve West (Edinburgh Greens)
Margaret Okole (Birmingham Greens)

Also helping out will be Jon Nott (Islington Greens).

Some background on who we are...

  • Steve is a co-convenor of the new Co-operative Greens special interest group of the Scottish Green Party. He works at – a worker co-operative design agency in Edinburgh.
  • Rory is an educator, writer and (part-time) composer. He's a co-founder of the Fairshares Association, which promotes a philosophy and practical model for creating and sustaining networks of solidarity enterprises that share power and wealth.
  • Margaret is an independent publishing professional and is Branch Secretary of the Birmingham Green Party. She stood as the Green candidate for Birmingham Ladywood in the recent Westminster election.
  • Jon is General Secretary of The Woodcraft Folk.

If you're going to Congress, do come and talk to us.

Crowdfunding project

A Green Party presence at Co-operative Congress

Co-operative Congress is the annual gathering of the co-operative movement in the UK.  We want to put Green politics right at the heart of it.

Funding successful

£799 raised