Co-operative Greens badges and t-shirts

June 2015


The badges have arrived! There are two sizes, 25mm and 32mm. Everyone who donated at least a tenner will get one of each.

T-shirts are due on Thursday, so I should have them in time for Congress. (I ordered them a month before the event, giving the suppliers plenty of time, but they have been unexpectedly busy and now expect to just make the deadline.)

I'll be taking stocks to Congress, so if you donated and are attending, please come to the stall to collect your goodies.

Everyone else who is expecting badges or a t-shirt, please send me a message with your contact details (unless I already know you): You can message me through the link on the fundsurfer page, or email

If you are due a t-shirt, I'll need to know your size. They are unisex S, M, L or XL. If you are collecting yours at Congress, please tell me your size in advance, so I can keep yours aside (they might sell like hot cakes!).


Steve West
Co-convenor, Co-operative Greens special interest group
Scottish Green Party

Crowdfunding project

A Green Party presence at Co-operative Congress

Co-operative Congress is the annual gathering of the co-operative movement in the UK.  We want to put Green politics right at the heart of it.

Funding successful

£799 raised