So here we are at Co-op Congress

June 2015


The first day of Congress went well. Rory and I stood out a mile wearing our Co-operative Greens t-shirts and the stall was very visible. Everyone definitely noticed us.

We had lots of good conversations, meeting Green supporters and some "not-quite" supporters from various co-ops. Several people from the Co-operative Party also came over to talk to us (their stall is in the opposite corner).

Much of the afternoon was taken up with the AGMs of Co-operative News (see for Congress updates) and Co-operatives UK ( Rory joined in the discussion during the Co-operatives UK AGM, where the most dramatic announcement was Pauline Green stepping down as President of the International Co-operative Alliance (

Today I'll be on the stall with Margaret from Birmingham Greens. Looking forward to more conversations and I'll try to remember to take some photos.


Steve West
Co-convenor, Co-operative Greens special interest group
Scottish Green Party

PS: The fundraiser is still open until Tuesday, as we haven't quite covered all of the costs yet. Please spread the word.

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A Green Party presence at Co-operative Congress

Co-operative Congress is the annual gathering of the co-operative movement in the UK.  We want to put Green politics right at the heart of it.

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