Half way there and a few days to go....

August 2015


We're halfway there!

Thanks to everyone who's pledged so far

A big thank you to Tangent Books for coming on board as a sponsor for the festival.

It's exciting to be working with a great local publisher!

The publicity for the event is really coming together too with Natalie Burns and the rest of our publicity team putting together some great images and graphics. There's a sneak preview of the lovely graphics on her Twitter

A big chunk of our funding is needed to get postcards, brochures, leaflets etc. printed so visitors to the festival can see what's going on and where everything is. The rest of it will go on venue hire and sundries associated with putting on a great show. None of the organisers of the festival are paid to do this, we're all volunteers.

Here's a couple of examples of random small costs that are not immediately obvious:


Please spread the word and encourage your friends and family to support Bristol Festival of Literature


Thank you!



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Bristol Festival of Literature

A team of volunteers are organising 10 days of literary loveliness in October 2015 and we need your help to make it happen.

Funding successful

£1,406 raised