Nearly £1500 raised in two days! THANK YOU!

September 2015


Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your support, nearly 96 supporters already and £1493 raised in barely 48 hours. 

Please keep the momentum going by taking the time to share this project, the best method is to send an email to your friends and family network and ask them to donate and share this link Social media is great for getting views but email marketing is the most powerful. Short, heartfelt, direct and with a strong call to action. We will add updates as the campaign develops. 

Thanks again for your kind support for the Calais Refugees, a great response. 

Calais Migrant Solidarity Group Bristol. 


Crowdfunding project

Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol

CRSB aims to provide humanitarian aid, campaign for greater awareness and to raise funds to address the priority needs of displaced people in Calais.

Funding successful

£16,083 raised