£4,536 raised from 230 backers in less than a week!

September 2015



Something is happening! It feels as though this is about more than a charitable drive to help the Calais Refugees, the whole Country is mobilising to help. 

There is a real sense of 'If the governments won't help, we will do it ourselves' gathering momentum and we are receiving emails from across the country to help, find out more. 

There has also been national press interest from the Guardian and Independent with local press picking up the story as well.


To keep going forward, please keep sharing the project link, if you can take the time to email your contact list with it that would be excellent as email is far more powerful than social media shares in generating interest and donations.


Drop us a line at office@calaisrefugeesolidaritybristol.co.uk with any questions or help needed.

You can contact the Fundsurfer team here to help with crowdfunding questions - info@fundsurfer.com

YOU all made this happen, Thank You. 



Crowdfunding project

Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol

CRSB aims to provide humanitarian aid, campaign for greater awareness and to raise funds to address the priority needs of displaced people in Calais.

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