WOW! £10,265 raised!!!!

November 2015



You are all amazing! Nearly 6K members in the group and over 10K raised in cash donations through our Fundsurfer campaign.

Also a HUGE 'THANK YOU' to the hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers that helped us to do one last sort of our donations, which are going to Calais in a few days. It was hard work but very important as it will enable things to be distributed more quickly when we get there. We've also been able to put aside a huge amount that is unsuitable for Calais but will be donated to groups helping the homeless in Bristol. Overall, an exhausting but very successful weekend! 

Here's the unit at Big Yellow - just a fraction of what is being sent in total!

Please keep sharing everyone, it really helps! Next stop 15K! 

Crowdfunding project

Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol

CRSB aims to provide humanitarian aid, campaign for greater awareness and to raise funds to address the priority needs of displaced people in Calais.

Funding successful

£16,083 raised