We did it...thanks to all of you!

November 2015


Amazing...we've made it, and even gone over the goal of £4000 way before the deadline! Every single penny will go to making and releasing the album, and every extra penny over the target will go to making it even BETTER! You can expect a special thank you from all of us later on, but this is just me for now. I can't quite believe it to be honest. Not only is it so exciting to have the resources to do this album properly, it's also been so reassuring to know there is demand and support out there for us. Sometimes being a musician/songwriter/promoting a band can feel like you're shouting into an abyss with not even an echo back...it's hard to maintain self-belief sometimes and to keep going. When that infamous and illusive 'big break' doesn't occur, and yet you're working so hard, you start to wonder, "why am I doing this?" Well, this process has proven to me that our music IS wanted and appreciated, and in many ways that's much more important than all the money in the world. 

So THANK YOU. It's a pleasure to have you on board the good ship VKTT. It's going to be a fun journey! 

Victoria xxxxxx




Crowdfunding project

Victoria Klewin & The TrueTones debut album

We are an independent 7-piece band inspired by soul, blues & jazz and we're asking for your help to bring our debut album to life!

Funding successful

£4,848 raised