November 2015


We did it!

Thanks to your pledges we raised £1937 towards our project! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH - it really means a lot to us that people have reached out to a small project like ours - Bristol is amazing and we hope that you enjoy the shows that we'll be producing!

As you know, The Bristol Music Show is currently 100% volunteer ran - we're making the radio & TV programmes alongside our full time jobs. Now, with this money, we can finally pay our outstanding costs and buy some new equipment for recording the TV show, therefore continuing to support and promote the local music scene !  

The next plan is to organise a big party which, of course, you'll be on the guestlist for.

In the meantime, if you're waiting for a reward we will be in touch ASAP.


We'd also like to give an extra special thanks to those who donated the amazing rewards for our campaign - 

St George's Concert Hall

Colston Hall


Electric Harmony

The Flux Presents

Futurebooge Recordings

Circus City Records

The Social


+ Troy


Thanks, once again. You are wonderful!

Harriet & the BMS team xxxxx



You can catch our last couple of shows at

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The Bristol Music Show

Mondays at 8pm on BCfm 93.2

Fridays at 8pm on Made in Bristol TV




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