Latest update. CRSB Activism & Awareness Meeting. 1/3/16

February 2016


Are you feeling angry about what's happening in Calais, upset, distressed? Do you want to put those emotions to good use? Please come to the CRSB Activism & Awareness Meeting on 2 March 7.30pm at the Palestinian Museum, Bristol. We want your ideas of what campaigns and action we can get involved in and your opinions on our plans. 

Thank you so much for your support, please continue to share and pledge to the project we have nearly 400 backers and have raised £12,829 for aid to Calais and other camps in France. 

The Camp in Calais lost it’s court case to stop the imminent eviction but they are now appealing the decision.

The Situation: The imminent eviction of large parts of  the camp nicknamed ‘the jungle’ in Calais comes without a plan or strategy to house the thousands of people there. There are around 6,500 people in the camp and only 1,500 spaces for them to move to.  Hundreds of these are unaccompanied children. The area planned for demolition includes the kitchens providing much needed food, the women’s and children’s area . People are living in squalid and unsanitary conditions, barely clinging to their dignity, just across the water from the UK. Of course no one wants the ‘jungle’ to stay. But an alternative is needed, the people in the camps in Europe need stability and safe and legal passage.

Act Now: Write to any or all of those listed below and ask them to hear the voiceless. Ask them to do what is right .

Write to Bristol MPs  c/o –House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

See our News page for details of any direct action or further events organised.
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CRSB aims to provide humanitarian aid, campaign for greater awareness and to raise funds to address the priority needs of displaced people in Calais.

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