Behind 13 Is A Fearless New Drama That Will Blow Your Mind!


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Behind 13 is a daring new web series that will leave you breathless with anticipation! Take control of what you watch, when you want to watch it!


Take Control!

Behind 13 is a neo-noir psychological thriller. Strong female leads bring an element of empowerment to the shocking and heart-wrenching storyline. The series airs on the rannray productions YouTube channel, and the first season will consist of six episodes. 

I want Behind 13 to empower as much as I want it to entertain.

As a survivor, this story is so much more than just a thriller. Creating these characters and the trials they face was a heartbreaking, but ultimately cathartic, experience. Writing has always been a way for me to not only express myself, but to explore creatively the many ways in which one can learn to deal with trauma. There is NOTHING that gives me more genuine satisfaction than knowing something I created may have helped another on their journey to healing.

The benefits of contributing to Behind 13 have the potential to change mainstream entertainment as we know it.

There are so many tremendously entertaining shows on television these days, but in order to watch all of them, you have to pay for access to several different providers. One of the most amazing aspects of evolving technology and new media is that creators have more control over how they release content to the public. Creators are the people who actually want you to see what they have to offer, regardless of how much you can pay for cable, satellite, or streaming television providers. 

We think Behind 13 is an incredible show, and want as many people as possible to have access to it.

This is why we are choosing to release the episodes on our YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the downside of independently making and distributing a show is the absence of big funding from large, established studios. In order to create amazing content, we have to get the funding in unconventional ways.

Our hope for this project is that it will have implications far beyond just us. 

By independently creating and distributing a high quality, high production show through a non-subscription service like YouTube, Behind 13 is at the forefront of a movement improving how you get your entertainment. The era of corporate giants deciding what you want to watch, how much you have to pay for it, and when and where you get to see it, is coming to an end. This campaign not only gives us the opportunity to create a fantastic show, it gives you the opportunity to empower your mechanism of choice.

Set A Standard For Quality Entertainment!

As the creator, writer, and director of Behind 13, I am dedicated to producing a show that will exceed your expectations. I've been developing the story and characters for Behind 13 for years. To me, they are real people, with real lives and experiences - characters who resonate strongly with just about anyone.

My goal is to blow you away with a cutting edge story line, exceptional acting, and incredible production quality.

Between living in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and making amazing contacts in the film industry by writing for an entertainment blog platform, I've had the great fortune of knowing the right people at the right time in the right place. Atlanta's film industry is booming, and Behind 13 is a project with the best resources at it's disposal, a fact that became indisputable when we made the pilot for this incredible series. The process and outcome have been nothing short of movie magic. 

Be Part Of Something Big!

We've all looked back at the history of groundbreaking shows, and heard the stories about how the perseverance, teamwork, and faith of a core group of people made those shows happen.

This is your opportunity to be a part of that core group!

We were able to produce the pilot episode for just under $4,000. These funds were largely and painstakingly put together from my personal resources, which are extremely limited. However, this project means so much to me, and to my family, and to everyone working on it, and we are passionate about seeing it through. For each of the future episodes, in order to maintain the quality of the story, secure the location, maintain the proper insurance for our SAG actors, and improve even more on production quality, our budget is $10,000 per episode. We have five episodes left for the debut season of Behind 13, making the total production budget $54,000. That may seem like a huge amount of money after producing our pilot for just under $4,000, but that was only one of a total of six episodes.

It's important to keep in mind that the culmination of the first season of Behind 13 will be a full-length feature film, and $54,000 to pull something like that off is an excellent example of a micro-budget project. Once we have the funds, we will immediately begin production on the rest of the season. We are filming completely on a single location here in Atlanta, and the cast and crew are largely local, as well. This will ensure our ability to move forward with minimal complications and risk, and is a big part of why we will be able to create a fantastic product with such a small budget.

While our budget breakdown is not written in stone, we are at a significant advantage having already produced the pilot episode to completion.

We have a very precise concept of what we need to do, and how much it will cost to do it. 

Additionally, this is highly skilled cast and crew, and we already know we work really well together. Our team is incredibly enthusiastic about finishing the remaining five episodes of Behind 13, and about presenting it to you. We are also very excited about breaking through traditional expectations to bring your media experience into a new, more accessible realm!

See For Yourself!

Our pilot episode is live on YouTube on the rannray productions channel! Watch the pilot, and see for yourself why your investment is a sure winner! 

You can link to the pilot episode of Behind 13, and learn more about the cast and crew, on our website, Follow us on Twitter @Behind13Series, and keep up with updates and news on our Facebook page!

Pledge Now!

Pledge now to secure your place among the team that will one day look back and see how we all came together to change the way we watch quality entertainment, and to make Behind 13 a huge success!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Behind 13, and for partnering with us in this innovative venture!!!


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