8 Days to Go and I think We're Nearly There

May 2014


Hi, all.

We have had a great response over the last couple of weeks and I've just had a note from someone who has promised a big pledge so we're going to make it.  But if anyone has a friend or even a friend of a friend who might, just might, pledge an amount, however small, please contact them and ask them to pledge it in the next few days.  With all that's happening in the NHS at the moment and with no one able to work out who reports to whom in the convoluted management structure they have put in place, we need this film to show the public - and remember we're all potential patients - exactly what is happening and how to fight back.  Thank you all so much for the pledges.

Crowdfunding project

Protect our NHS: One Thousand Thank Yous

Documentary about the fight to save the NHS. Come to the premiere at Bristol's Watershed Cinema!

Funding successful

£2,070 raised