Don't Let UKIP's Election Day Success Get You Down! Keep The Faith and Thank You For All The Pledges

May 2014


A huge thanks (one thousand thanks even!) to all those who have supported the project so far.  I've been out filming today to record the closure of yet another hospital with yet another broken promise.  Still, we're winning on some of the most important local issues - and on an election day which has seen huge gains by UKIP, which is committed to private medicine - we can be thankful for those.  Our legal case is entering the end game and I am looking forward to sharing the results with you soon.

I don't think we're going to get to the original £5,500 target we had set so I've loaned some more of my own money to the project and convinced some TV professionals to work for free and I reckon now we can get the video shot and edited for £1,500. Fundsurfer has also offered to extend our funding campaign deadline by 14 days because we have gained considerable momentum in the last few weeks. We have raised over £1000 with 23 backers!

Summer's big filming event is a Flash Choir (up to 100 singers) singing a specially re-written version of Ray Davies' Thank You For The Days (Thank You For The Care) outside one of Bristol's biggest hospitals on a July lunch time - just one more way of saying One Thousand Thank Yous.

So one last push for funding please and we'll carry on with the shooting.    If you could pass the word to all your friends that this is a great way to help save the NHS, then that would really help.

Crowdfunding project

Protect our NHS: One Thousand Thank Yous

Documentary about the fight to save the NHS. Come to the premiere at Bristol's Watershed Cinema!

Funding successful

£2,070 raised