One Thousand Thank Yous to All Who Have Pledged - We've Hit Our Target

June 2014


With one day to go we've made it!  Still time for a few last pledges if you have any friends who would like to join us in making this film really fly.  As you know we've already started shooting and I'll keep reporting back as the film nears completion.  There's a big day's filming on July 16th when a flash choir of up to 100 people will be singing to thank the NHS outside one of Bristol's biggest hospitals.  Anyone who wants to come along and join in and be filmed please email for details of the song and rehearsal dates.  One thousand thanks to you all, Steve


Crowdfunding project

Protect our NHS: One Thousand Thank Yous

Documentary about the fight to save the NHS. Come to the premiere at Bristol's Watershed Cinema!

Funding successful

£2,070 raised