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I have volunteered for over 3 year now, in Calais, a short time in Greece at Idomini, and 6 months in Serbia, 6 months on Lesvos, a month on Sicily with Mission Lifeline, Malta and Ventimiglia. In Greece I helped deliver a truck and tents from France. In Serbia we installed renewable energy lights for the whole camp of 1300 people, provided a daily phone charging station, as well as making a table from donated fire wood, cricket bats, and fixing shoes and other odd jobs and on Lesvos I headed a construction team. We built classrooms, distribution centers, and did all sorts of odd jobs for the NGO'S on the island. The current project is to gather funds for fishing equipment to distribute on our next trip to the Greek islands. The fathers often fish with just line and hooks, with the line wrapped around a plastic bottle. Last time I provided some donated rods, but now we want to buy over 100 rods there on the islands helping the local economy grow while improving diets.

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