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Hello and welcome to my page. I am travelling to Kenya and Tanzania in June 2015 with my school, Ashton Park, for 3 weeks. 

We are working with 2 projects. The first is the Mafi Safi Project where we will be building a combined nursery and education centre just north of Mombassa. The second is at Suye School in Arusha where we will be building a much needed water collection system.

So far, I have been involved in group fund raising with other students at my school - these activities were a 24 hour Game-A-Thon, Abseiling and Bag Packing at Sainsburys where over 1 weekend we raised £4,000 packing shoppers bags.

I now need to raise money for my travel, which as you will appreciate is expensive. To raise money for my trip I am going to climb Snowdon in May and I would appreciate your help by way of sponsorship.

Thank you in advance,


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