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WildlifeX Is a vision of 7 Film Industry people from across the globe, who all share a passion for wildlife.

From MojoStreaming, a Wildlife-centric Film Production Hub

  • Bernard van Speyk in Toronto, Canada
  • Brigid Olen in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Gavin Sweeney in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Luke Cornell in Cape Town, South Africa

From Paris Le Cap - media sales:

  • Nadia Tholance in Paris, France

From GITV Roku Channel

  • Cami Ciotta in Logansport, Indiana, USA

And our Host:

  • Aldo de Rooster in Perth, Australia

All of us have a sense of urgency about climate change and the havoc it is wreaking on our planet, as has been so terribly demonstrated in Australia where more than a billion animals have been killed by wildfire. We believe the time to act is NOW to change the course to the complete ruination of planet Earth.

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