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My name is Allan Suruci Erema. 31 years of age and born on Boxing Day. Second of 8 children from 3 different mothers, i was raised by my grandmother in a poor neighbourhood in the WestNile region of uganda. Most kids from this neighbourhood either married early or got caught up in a life of drugs and crime. My grandmother feels, the sacrifices i made to get a university degree were all for nothing. 3 years ago i resigned my job so as to save my eye sight that was failing rapidly. I now do casual work on construction sites so as to make a living. I have just finished my first year's orientation in the world prestigious institute of marriage and fatherhood.My wife who is the judge here,gave me a B+ on my report card. Watching a movie on my 14inch screen while sipping a nice cup of Cappuccino or coffee usually gives me a 3D cinema experience everytime.

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