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I'm a 72 year old fogey... no! Well yes ... really. I've lived in Sea Mills for 18 months, and has been a sort of home-coming. I went to school here 67 year ago! I've written a trilogy, 2 compilations, and have several novels as WIP. The first of my trilogy JET! is on Amazon, but is languishing there without a murmur. Here's hoping! Born in Bristol 72 years ago I was schooled here 'til 16, and grew up on motor bikes with my 2 brothers. I still love them, and watch the TT every year wishing I was in the saddle, at my age it's only a pipe dream, I guess I'm a petrol head!. At 58 I left for Wells after my wife of 32 years left. Sadly she has passed on, and for 13 years I looked after my mother before she went into a home with dimentia. I then returned to my home town - Bristol, and now have a lovely lady here, as well as 4 lovely grandchildren.

Phil Phoenix.

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