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  • Sleep Pod is a registered charity number: 1187295
  • The Sleep Pod is a Lifesaving Shelter.
  • Sleep Pods are an emergency aid for rough sleepers in severe weather conditions. 
  • Built to protect rough sleepers in the UK and refugees in Europe.
  • Sleep Pods are built to keep people warm, dry & safe.
  • We were founded in April 2018. We have since built 800 Sleep Pods which have been distributed to people on the streets in Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Northampton, Sheffield, Walsall, Weston-super-Mare, Wolverhampton, Paris & Mallorca. 

          Sleep Pods are:

  • Insulated Self-Warming
  • Rain resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Lightweight, Easy to Pack & Carry
  • 1 Sleep Pod costs £25 *Jun 2019
  • Easy to make