Fundsurfer Crypto section is now live! Access Crypto donations, ICOs, funds & tools

February 2018

There has been a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin generating mainstream interest and a lot of press headlines in 2017. For the past six months, Fundsurfer has been working on the best way to support the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Our new Crypto section is now live here. We have now signed our partnership agreement with Techbureau jp and Comsa, to support ICO fundraising for our clients in 2018. 

We can also help set up digital wallets to accept cryptocurrencies for our fundraising clients. This will add to the payment options available to support Fundsurfer projects and companies. 


Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies


Access Crypto donations, ICOs, funds & tools

-Raise money for your crowdfunding projects with Bitcoin donations
-Raise money for your business with a token sale / ICO

Alongside working on our own fund to support crypto startups we are also working with a number of established funds looking to invest. 

Startups and scaleups should pre-apply here

Charities and community groups can pre-apply for grants from our "kindness" crypto fund here

We strongly believe that ten years from today these emerging technologies will make a vast difference similar to the invention of the internet.