Introducing Crypto Crowdfunding

July 2018

We're excited to announce the launch of our newest funding option: Crypto Crowdfunding!

Psst: if you haven't heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then check out our intro to crypto here. Fundsurfer Crypto Crowdfunding is for donations only - this isn't ICO crowdfunding, where you create and presell your own cryptocurrency.

You will be able to get donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (it sounds the same as Bitcoin but is a different currency), Ethereum and Litecoin.

It's this easy

  • Create a Crypto Crowdfunding project
  • Share it with friends, family and your social networks
  • Get donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin
  • Withdraw your funds to your own wallet
  • Save it, spend it, do whatever you like!

We're excited to see what you will use it for!

Learn more about crypto crowdfunding or start your crypto crowdfund now!

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