The different ways that people use crowdfunding

November 2019

Each crowdfunding project is unique. Crowdfunding is a tool to help you raise funds, and how you use it is up to you.

Raising money for your own project? Crowdfunds are often used to raise money to

  • publish books
  • record albums
  • make short films
  • volunteer abroad
  • attend conferences

Lots of people also use crowdfunding to fundraise for charities and organisations.

Or are you an organisation or business? There's loads of things that businesses can crowdfund for, including

  • putting on events and festivals
  • building works and renovations
  • converting a double-decker bus into a restaurant
  • opening a cat cafe
  • moving premises
  • flying the world's only Darth Vader hot air balloon
  • supporting refugees
  • paying for award ceremonies

Crowdfunding can help individuals, organisations and businesses raise the funds needed for just about any kind of hobby, project or services.

Here are a few projects that are crowdfunding right now.

Have a look, they'd love your support.

The Bristol Pound wants to improve their business

Bristol Pound is is seven years old and the most successful local currency in the UK.

Individuals and business use it to keep money in the local ecosystem.

"Help us fund the development of new services and technology so that we can grow the scheme and deliver more impact in Bristol"

You can find out more on the Bristol Pound crowdfunding page.

The Shepherd wants to pay for their film awards

The Shepherd is an award-winning historical drama, dedicated to forgotten heroes who rescued Jews during WWII.

Their short film was a fantastic success and has won 18 awards at film festivals so far. However it's too expensive to pay for the trophies!

"We would like to ask for your continued support, because we need additional funds to get our statuettes. Sadly, most of the festivals ask money for the awards, and a statuette costs from $220 to $290. "

You can find out more on The Shepherd crowdfunding page.

The International Bristol Balloon Fiesta flew a Darth Vader hot air balloon!

You can find out more on the Darth Vader hot air balloon crowdfunding page.

Sleep Pod is saving lives of rough sleepers in freezing weather

"The Sleep Pod is a Lifesaving Shelter built to protect rough sleepers in the UK and Europe. We want to raise £10,000 so we can build 400 Sleep Pods."

You can find out more on the Sleep Pod crowdfunding page.

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