Grow my blossoming gardening biz and community gardens into full glory! ūüćÄ

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I'm working on establishing an organic gardening business and local community garden space to be used for social prescriptions and to teach kids!

Hi, I'm Dannielle!

I have been working really hard on establishing my gardening business and a local public community garden space The Lost Plots to be used for social prescriptions and teaching kids and volunteers about growing plants!

I've been going great guns since I found my passion in life- gardening, and have built a small business that I'm super proud of so far and the community garden gladly fills most of my free time - but i'm running out of energy and feel stuck as I never seem to move forward as fast as I would like! 

Gardening saved my life and I'm passionate about sharing its benefits with others! 

I went from lost and homeless to a keen guerrilla gardener, worked and studied then braved launching my business becoming a sole trader...and now hoping to keep learning and progressing and make it to be a successful small business owner -with a little help! 

My goal is to get the balance right so I can run a successfull gardening business and continue to be able to volunteer my time once a week with The Lost Plots community gardening project I started during the lockdown in 2020! 

So far I've been building my business on a pay- as-you go basis - taking on any jobs that come my way and spending my wages on new tools and equipment as and when I can.

I'm currently held back by not being able to drive, and feel limited by not having a working laptop to do my admin or design work with, and I still lack essential tools and equipment that would boost the quality and range of services I'd be able to offer clients! 

I also would love more opportunities to build my portfolio with my own design work to establish my brand 

I have a vision of using my business and community garden space to support vulnerable people who are going through a period of recovery for various social reasons or getting back into work who would benefit from the healing power of gardening as well as trying out and learning new skills to potentially use later.

There are some pieces of essential equipment and things that I really need to build my client base, and offer a more professional service and make my business a success - meaning I'll be able to comfortably volunteer my time to keep growing the community gardens and spend donations and all my wages there!! 

-laptop for professional admin work (I'm tired and limited trying to do everything from a smartphone)

I'd also be able to learn to do professional garden layouts with CAD programmes, work on a blog for the community gardens as well as professionally opperate an ecommerce store I want to launch along side my buisness too

- battery powered cordless hedge trimmers, 

-battery powered cordless lawn mower 

-battery powered Leaf blower to offer autumn Leaf clearance services 

-detachable trailer for my bike/other bike storage options to transport tools more conveniently while I learn how to drive....... 

-driving lessons

-more sets of hand tools and wolf-garten poles with changable attachments to be able to bring on volunteers or employees and provide them with basic equipment to use 

-oppourtunities to build my portfolio to be able to offer my designs and planting arrangements and establish my brand image 

-marketing, promotion and website development 


I just know with a little help I can get my business off the ground and flying and be comfortable enough to spend more time on the community garden and give back to my neighbours and local area 

I've recovered from homelessness and drug addiction and have come this far without asking for any help, so now it is my time to ask for a hand to see if I can really turn my life around and get over the last few hurdles that are holding me back and show others they can recover and build a good life too with a little courage and determination and support!! 

Gotta try, I'll never give up either way!! I have too much to lose now!!

Thank you to the moon and back if you can help me improve my buisness and life in anyway!! 


You can find the community garden project The Lost Plots on Facebook and Instagram As well as my gardening biz Four Leaf Clover Gardening!



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Full £100 donation will be spent on plants and my time to plant them into position for free, this way I get to show off my planting arrangement design work and take some pics for my portfolio to show potential new clients what I can offer them!

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