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We are starting out on a long journey to renovate a small French farm in Mayenne, in the Pays de la Loire and we need a new roof as ours collapsed.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at our crowdfunding page. My husband David and I are starting out on a long journey to renovate a small French farm in Mayenne, in the Pays de la Loire, France. We intend to try and live as much as possible off the land and off the grid. Living a “Good Life” lifestyle with our animals. Supporting our planet to heal itself, it's biodiversity and do our bit for environmental sustainability.

We are seeking crowdfunding to support the first and biggest renovation works, a new roof. This will be our biggest expense and the one job we can’t do ourselves. It is also the most pressing, as part of the roof has collapsed and it puts the whole project in jeopardy the more water that gets in to the 300+ year old building and structure.

We are seeking crowdfunding support for the additional funds we need to secure a renovation mortgage. We have some of the funds but not enough yet to get us over the line. 

In time we hope to share our renovation skills and self sufficiency dream with our larger donors. Providing accommodation and food for short breaks in Northern France, where we can demonstrate the skills required and the twists and turns of French rural self sufficiency life.

So any help people can give or donations you can make, however small would be so gratefully received and appreciated by us to kick start this exciting project that so many of us dream of.

You can follow our progress via our website https://lescloshuis.wixsite.com/brittanyfairies as we continue to construct it and share our renovation stories. 

Thank you in advance for any donations or help that is forthcoming, we really will be so grateful for any and all donations. 

Brian & David  

Share your time and skills...

If you are a slate roofing specialist in northern France we’d love to hear from you and get some advice and additional quotes for the work.

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£250 – French Weekend Stays

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We will extend a weekend invitation for two people (Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime) upon completion of the renovations to those gifting funding of £250-500. The weekend would provide free accommodation, food Including breakfast, lunch and dinner with bottle of wine. Please note this offer excludes travel arrangements and expenses which would be born by the donator.

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