Bowden Pillars Future: A Regenerative Community Project in Totnes

Bowden Pillars Future: an ambitious 123 acre community project creating a regenerative farm and housing, surrounded by a rainforest of the future.


Help bring 123 acres into community ownership at the heart of Totnes. 



We are raising funds to secure the future of an incredible piece of land to create a regenerative community in Totnes, Devon, UK. 

We recently purchased the 123-acre site with the vision to turn it into a regenerative farm, community-led homes and a temperate rainforest of the future for the whole community. 

To complete the purchase we used a bridging loan which we now need to pay back, bringing the land fully into community ownership and helping us secure the future of the project. We need to raise a minimum of £500,000 and a maximum of £800,000 with our share offer, to enable us to continue with the project. 



This unique project will be a model of how we can live along side nature and is led by a partnership of pioneering local organisations including Devon Wildlife Trust, The Apricot Centre and Re.Set

To keep this project in our community's hands, we need your support. Your investment through our Community Share offer isn't just about financing; it's also about becoming a vital part of our regenerative story and securing this land for all of us. By investing in Community Shares, you'll be a member, able to shape the direction of this project. 

Bowden Pillars Future will create an exemplar of living harmoniously with nature, including an abundant temperate rainforest, a nature-friendly farm and community-led housing with all three activities integrated in a site-wide design. Open for the public and our community to use, participate in and enjoy. We are making an investment of our time, energy and  our money to create a community for future generations. 

A temperate rainforest for the future

Nature’s recovery at Bowden Pillars Future will be led by Devon Wildlife Trust who will be transforming the land for wildlife. This winter, we will kick off our transformative project to revive 75 acres of steep sloping land, by creating acres and acres of Atlantic oak woodland, a temperate rainforest of the future, on the edge of Totnes. 

Threaded with footpaths linking glades with views to Dartmoor in the distance and alive with birds and insects, this will be an incredible asset for local people, providing vital habitat for wildlife in a time of nature crisis. It will store vast amounts of carbon, and help restore the health of the soils and the quality of the water.

Temperate Rainforest in Devon

Regenerative Farming for a Better Future

Over 30 acres at Bowden Pillars future will be regeneratively managed by The Apricot Centre. With a focus on agroforestry techniques, they will carefully plant rows of trees that foster natural connectivity for small insects and mammals. They will invite the community to get involved with cultivating grains and pulses that supply Dartington Mill and local food chains. Some fields will be sustainably managed by grass-fed cattle and rotating chicken flocks, utilising deep-rooted green manures to maintain balance and harmony within the ecosystem.

The farm will use organic-biodynamic practices, going beyond sustainability, striving to holistically restore and enhance the natural fertility of the soil. By adopting this approach, it will prioritise the well-being of humans, animals, and the entire ecosystem. 

Apricot Centre produce

The Village: a new kind of living

Bowden Pillars Future stands out for its unique regenerative housing initiative, which will be led by Re-Set. With a focus on community-led housing, our aim is to create a sustainable and flourishing environment for our residents. Our regenerative housing not only benefits our community but also the wider ecosystem. We will integrate our housing within an abundant market garden and our thriving nature-friendly farm, which supplies a diverse range of fresh produce to our community and beyond. 

Aerial view over Bowden Pillars Future Fields towards Totnes

Investing in Community Shares: an impactful investment

Our Community Share offer welcomes anyone looking to make a genuine impact in their community and beyond. When you become a member, your voice matters. You'll have a vote in crucial decisions involving Bowden Pillars Future, regardless of the size of your investment. 

Investment parameters are between £250 to £80,000, with a maximum cap of 80,000 shares (£80,000) per individual. Our members' responsibility is capped at the value of their shareholding.

In the medium and longer term, not only will we restore nature, produce food and create a thriving village, but we also aim to pay interest on shares. Your involvement in this opportunity will not only bring about positive environmental change but also offer broader benefits beyond financial gains.

However, if you would prefer to make a donation, you can donate directly here. If you would like to provide us with a loan, please get in contact with us at

Support a truly pioneering project take flight

By helping us secure the land for this project you will be helping us take the first steps towards realising our project. You will be part of a pioneering group of individuals putting the first stamp on this incredible piece of nature in Totnes. 


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