Make UPFEST'24 happen

UPFEST is one of the original, world leading and free to attend live street art extravaganzas, in 2024 we will be bringing you UPFEST PRESENTS....

Since our first festival in 2008, it has always been free to register for an artist space, and for visitors to attend. We want to keep it that way so this year we'll be adapting our approach and hosting a 17 day cultural programme.

In place of our weekend festival, Upfest will return in 2024 in a new guise, with new artworks being painted across 2 weeks. UPFEST PRESENTS...will pop-up at multiple venues across Bedminster and wider BS3 with free to attend workshops, live painting, artist talks, arts activities, panel discussions, theatre, comedy and tours exploring the area.

Artists will be invited to paint large scale murals on buildings throughout the area, with a schedule available for visitors to pop by and see their progress. They will also take part in mini paint-jams, talks and panel discussions about their work and visitors and artists alike will be invited to curated events at venues in Bedminster and beyond. 

For us, keeping the Upfest festival free is at the very heart of our ethos. If we had to choose between charging for it or not putting it on, we just wouldn’t do it; being inclusive is that essential to what we’re all about.

We’re not an ‘invitation only’ festival. Anyone’s welcome to apply to be a festival artist and we give as many people as possible the opportunity to paint. We’re always humbled that so many artists want to take part, and on the whole at their own cost. In return, they get a fantastic platform for their work, the opportunity to develop and come together with other artists, which often leads to new partnerships and collaborations.

The festival also contributes to the local economy and the quality of life in the community that extends way beyond the festival weekend. And our volunteers, partners, and visitors - who often come from around the globe and from all walks of life - tell us it’s a brilliant event and always a highlight of the year.

Whether you can donate £5 or £250 your contribution will make a real difference to how many artists and activites we can host at UPFEST PRESENTS.

We hope to raise 10% of our 2024 budget through your donations and support.

Where will the rest of the funding come from?

Alongside asking for your support through donations, we’re also working with a sponsorship expert to help us find sponsors for the festival that align with our values and ethics. We are also extreamly pleased to be working with Arts Council England who are a major contributor in 2024.

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£5 – Buys lunch for a volunteer

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Support us with a fiver and it'll cover lunch for one of our amazing volunteers

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£5 minimum. 397 available

£10 – Buys 3 cans of paint for a festival artist

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Provide three cans of paint or pens for a festival artist

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£10 minimum. 143 available

£20 – Buys 6 cans of paint or pens for a festival artist

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Provide six cans of paint or pens for a festival artist

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£20 minimum. 140 available

£30 – Contributes to the cost of keeping the festival clean

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Having a clean festival site is so important to us that we employ an environmentally conscious waste management company and team of litter pickers.

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£30 minimum. 146 available

£95 – Covers our costs for an artist to paint a small space at the festival

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From infrastructure, to buying and preparing painting surfaces, your contribution would allow us to offer an artist a small space at the festival.

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£95 minimum. 50 available

£250 – Contributes to the cost of free activities for children over the 17 days.

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We're proud of the array of free children's activities and workshops we offer at the festival, help us keep it that way!

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£250 minimum. 25 available

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