Organic hemp food & flowers farm in Italy

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We are three young entrepreneur and we have opened an organic farm in the center of Italy since 2017. We are focusing in the new EU hemp market!

About us

We are three young entrepreneur that we have opened an organic farm in the center of Italy since 2017. We are focusing in the new EU hemp market and we produce organic food products like Pasta, olive oil, hemp oil, hemp flour. Our premium products are CBD hemp flowers with high Cannabidiol and low THC content legal in all EU state!!

About this project

We would like to develop our company-farm improving quality of products and shipping it directly worldwide :)
Our project first target is 5000 € for develop a new Greenhouse for our production and open our "Agriturismo" a typical Italian Guesthouse where you can stay for holiday, eat an organic meal and restore yourself in the heart of nature surrounded by our hemp fields and hemp atmosphere.

To do that and realize our dream we need your help!! Of course you will be rewarded for your contributions:

From 1 to 10 € Thanks on our Social page and Web site
11-50 € 5g of our best CBD products
51-100 € 10g of our best CBD products
101-500 € Full hemp food package with all our products and 20g of premium CBD product
501-1000 € 3 night at our Agriturismo - Guest House 
>1000 € God of the farm!!!

The team

Tommaso Bartolino
Matteo Pallotta
Emanuele Sorvillo



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£500 – Hemp premium quality package - Food and Flowers

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If you can help us you will be rewarded with an ounce of our best premium quality hemp flowers and our best organic food (pasta, olive oil, hemp oil) shipped directly to your door!!

£1,000 – 3 night at our Agriturismo - Guest House

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3 night with dinner included at our Guesthouse surrounded by nature in the heart of Italy.

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