Scrambled Egg the movie

Loosely based on a true story......although very loosely. Faberge Egg gets mixed up in marijuana, marinara mayhem!

Scrambled Egg - A film loosely based on the third lost Imperial Faberge Easter Egg.

"A Catholic Priest and a Bulgarian hitman are forced into an unlikely alliance to track it down a missing Faberge Egg across London"

Philandering Priest, Pietro pilfers the Pope’s favourite Faberge Egg. Under suspicion from the Cardinal, Pietro ships the egg to his uncle Bruno's house in London for safe keeping. Veronika, a ruthless man eating killer, wants the egg and sends Zhivko, her best assassin to accompany Pietro to retrieve it. Unfortunately uncle Bruno croaks on a pizza before they arrive.

Bruno's neighbour Valerie, discovers the dead body and alerts the police. Valerie sees the package in Bruno's house and being a kleptomaniac and extremely nosey, Valerie steals it when the police are not looking. She discovers the Faberge Egg inside and proudly places it in her lounge. However her son Scott steals it and sells it for £20 at a car boot sale to Miranda, who donates it to a church raffle, where her father is the Vicar. Miranda’s boyfriend, Carlos, wins the star prize at the church raffle and presents it to his mother Inma, as a good luck charm, and places the Faberge Egg next to a picture of the Pope, where she prays daily to God for a miracle to help her out of debt or face a fate worse than death.  

Inma owns a decaying restaurant with her husband Jose, who owes a lot of money to an illicit casino where the owner and her gruesome twins, don’t take too kindly to debt. They soon discover the enormous value of the egg and proceed to the restaurant to claim it. Meanwhile, Pietro and Zhivko follow Carlos to the restaurant, where they finally locate the egg. Inma unwittingly makes a magic mushroom, marijuana, marinara and naturally things escalate to mayhem and it also happens to be Halloween. 

A bloody battle for the egg ensues with Pietro narrowly escaping with the egg making haste, heading west. Zhivko and Veronika apprehend Pietro on a train in Midwest America, but falls from the moving train. The egg slips from his grasp and lands in the back of a truck on its way to a scrap heap, where scrap metal dealer buys it for $13,000 then sells it to Wartski’s for $33,000,000. The egg is on display at Wartski’s when the curator informs the press that it’s due to be returned to the Vatican whom reluctantly bought it back in order to avoid publicity that a Priest stole from the Vatican. 

Pietro, disguised as the Cardinal arrives at Wartski’s where the egg is swiftly packed and handed to him. The real Cardinal arrives moments after Pietro and hurries to a car park, as he opens his car door he receives a blow to his head, he passes out, Inma takes the case triumphantly, and speeds off in her car.


Meet some of the Team

Writer, Director, Producer and Actor - Paloma del Rey

Paloma studied Film at Middlesex University where she took an interest in writing, directing and photography. In order to further improve her writing skills, she completed a Masters in writing for stage and screen at Regents University. Paloma also studied musical theatre at Mountview Theatre School. Paloma recently completed an assistant director's team course at Pinewood studios with first AD Terry Bamber who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience working in film, such as James Bond Casino Royale. Paloma learnt the art of the pre production process, breaking down the script, scene by scene in order to prepare for production and filming, creating shooting scripts and DOOD'S. 

Paloma wrote, produced, directed and performed in two theatrical comedy plays, called Loyal Infidelities and The Impatient Patient. She also wrote and directed a radio play called The 4 T’s, a story about four couples in the forties on a golfing holiday in Spain which was aired over Kingston Green FM. Paloma’s first short movie is called Toys, a story about a foiled armed robbery where 2 children find the discarded gun in a park.  Paloma is working on a her debut feature film project Scrambled Egg, an action comedy about the third lost Imperial Faberge Easter Egg. She is making a short version of the feature film in order to generate publicity and enter into film festivals with the aim of raising further funds to make her debut feature. Paloma is playing the role of Inma, the Spanish Matriarch and owner of a failing Spanish restaurant, mother to 4 children and wife to an almost dead husband, Jose, who leaves a trail of debt and unsavory characters leading to her door. 

The DOP  and Editor- Gordon Gronbach

Gordon attended the University of Sterling where he studied Film and Media with French. Gordon trained as a camera assistant and focus puller in Scotland then cameraman in London. Gordon has over 20 years’ experience in his field, working on films, documentaries and advertising promos. He also films weddings, funerals, sports events, festivals, educational and community film projects too. Gordon's interests include mountain biking, playing his guitar, mandolin, banjo and blues harmonica. Gordon also started a meet up group called "Acoustic Americana" for other musicians.

Matt Wilkinson - Sound Recordist & Post Production/Restoration Editor

Matt studied a BA in Music at Salford University and later studied Cinematography and Directing at Brighton Film School. Matt has over 15 years experience working in audio for stunts, drama, documentary, film, TV, VFX, music, multi camera, live events and is a member of BAFTA Crew. Matt has worked on Warner Bros productions, National Geographic, the BBC working on Doctors, Dr Who, River City, The Last Boy, Scarborough, 13 Graves, Perfect 10, and The Runaways to name but a few. he knows his onions. 

The Hitman - Srbo Markovic

Srbo stands at a whopping 6 feet 9 inches and a half tall!! He is of Serbian decent and is built like a brick privy yet with the most gentlest of hearts. Srbo's acting credits include Wild Bill, The Model, In Darkness, The Informer, Ziveli, On the Other Foot, Ghosted and was a Russian Business in an episode of Eastenders. In Scrambled Egg, Srbo is a Bulgarian hitman, Zhivko who is forced into an alliance, with a Catholic Priest and part time thief, Father Pietro, played by Daniel Craze, to track down the missing Faberge Egg before Vernonia neuters them both. 

The Pilfering, Philandering Priest - Daniel Craze

Daniel is a film and stage actor where he began his acting career in immersive theatre in which he played a variety of different characters. Daniel has also performed in some independent movies, such as The Heights, Parts  1 & 2, Blind Fate and the YouTube sitcom series, It's all I am. In Scrambled Egg, Daniel is playing the role of the cheeky philandering Catholic Priest and thief, Father Pietro who steals the Faberge Egg from the Vatican with the aim of selling it so he can buy himself copious amounts of Gucci shoes.

Skater Scott (the Opportunist) - Jason Harris

Jason is an emerging artist and has undertaken many diverse roles in amateur dramatics, particularly theatre. This is his first film role, and he is working really hard to perfect his lines and reach the core of his character. 

The Journalist - Andrew Davison

Andrew has a plethora of supporting artist experience spanning over a decade, working on numerous television programs and films across the UK. When he isn't filming, Andrew devotes his body and time to live modelling. 

Risks and Challenges

Ultimately, the greatest risk to our project is lack of funding, therefore any lack of funding will mean having to trim back on production costs and consequentially scaling down on our budget to ensure that cast and crew are paid. It is an ambitious project however, as with any project, it does require a strong desire for success and the team all possess the same vision. We hope that you will come on board and share our journey with us.

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