Script Funding For Major New Netflix Series

We purchased the film rights for a book that has interest from Netflix and other channels, with sales of £44m. We need £50k to fund the script

Our company IBB Media Ltd produces documentary and feature content for streaming channels and broadcasters.

We have bought the film rights to a book about "Hutch" - Leslie Hutchinson was the world's highest paid cabaret star of the 1930s and equally famous for his musical talent, was his 20 year affair with Lord Mountbatten's wife, affairs with Queen Ina of Spain and Princess Margaret, as well as long affairs with Cole Porter and Noel Coward - he wasn't fussy!

It is an incredible life story that charts not only his rise to musical fame and social notoriety, but also his downfall and ultimate death in abject poverty. Lord Mountbatten famously paid for his funeral.

Hutch was subject to racial abuse as well as being an outcast from sections of society. As a younger man he feared for his life at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan. The modern day issues of race, class elitism and basic human rights are all relevant to this story.

For the project production, think "The Crown", but sexier and a great Cole porter soundtrack. We have already enlisted an "A" list Director, Academy Award nominated, and support from the streaming channels as well as support from Warner Group on production.

What we need first and foremost is a script. This will cost in the region of £100k - we have allocated £50k of our own funds for this, and are looking for matched crowdfunding of £50k.

Our last published accounts  has a net assets figure of £3.8m. This has grown through this financial year to 4.8m net assets, and we are quite happy to share accounts, MI, and details of our other projects to any interested party.

This is a chance to be part of a truly great project that will live long in the memory.

As a bonus, anyone pledging over £250 will be invited to the launch party of Hutch, where you can meet the cast and production team.


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£25 – Exclusive At Home Screening

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get an exclusive "before broadcast date" screening of the Hutch series in your own home

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£25 minimum. 200 available

£150 – Signed Script from Cast and Crew

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Receive an exclusive signed script from all the cast and crew once Hutch goes into production.

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£150 minimum. 50 available

£250 – Invitation to Launch Party

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Anyone pledging £250 or over will be invited to the Official Launch Party of Hutch, once production is completed. This will be a glamorous party, probably in London, where you can meet the cast, crew and management team.

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£250 minimum. 200 available

£1,000 – A Day On The Film Set

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Enjoy a day on set when we are filming Hutch - this is a "money cannot buy" reward as access is usually strictly limited.

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£1,000 minimum. 50 available

£5,000 – Get A Part In The Film!!!

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Lights, camera, action!! get a speaking part in the film - experience wardrobe, hair and make up and appearing in the film series. This even includes a screen credit! Again, a money cannot buy reward!

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£5,000 minimum. 5 available

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