Smoked - comedy drama pilot!

Can a struggling northern restaurant return to its former glory or will its married owners personal problems finally put the nail in the coffin?

Synopsis “Smoked follows the story of married couple and once thriving restaurant owners, Kevin and Caron. Now, with business massively failing and both blaming each other, Kevin files for divorce. But with both refusing to budge, can they bring the restaurant back to its former glory or will their own personal problems finally put the nail in the coffin

Genre – Comedy/Drama. Running time – 30 mins Pilot episode one of a six-part series

Writer and creator – Luke Kelly
Luke is a young and upcoming, independent writer from Stockport who has a natural talent for combining drama with comedy to create a true to life relatable and dramatic narrative that will also leave you in stitches.

Script editor – Larry Barker (
Larry started his career in advertising and is the creator of many highly awarded campaigns - taking top prizes at the British Television Awards, New York's Clio’s, and Cannes.
Having risen to the top of the ladder (Executive Creative Director of the world's most creative agency) he realised that he was getting increasingly removed from the thing he loved most - writing. Larry has since secured options on his first three screenplays and has several TV projects in development.

Production Company – Odd Drawer Digital (
Odd Drawer Digital is a team consisting of 3 founding members of the award-winning original video team from social media giant UNILAD.
Odd drawer digital Previous clients; Manchester united, YouTube music, on the tools and Unilad

Overview: In 2018 Luke produced a no budget pre pilot for the said production and attracted a cast consisting of Charlie Lawson (Jim McDonald – Coronation Street) Johnny Bennett (Liam Gallagher – Shameless) and Kate Coogan (Emmerdale, Northern Soul Film, Attack of the Adult Babies and Dark Encounters)

Luke managed to source a young student crew from the UTC college in the heart of Manchester’s media city using a handful of the college’s finest students.
This sample production and the strength of the subsequent script and series development gained the attention of his script editor and production company and plans were put in place to take this pilot to the next level; To produce a fully funded professional pilot to as high a standard as possible

In January 2020, Luke, Larry, Odd Drawer Digital and a private investor were in pre-production on the pilot and were in the process of casting, sourcing a set location and organising the general work needed leading up the shoot. Unfortunately, these plans were halted when a certain Covid-19 made its way onto the global scene. Due to the pandemic the production had to be halted. Sadly, the original investor felt they had to pull out as there was seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. The project has been on a hiatus for the past 18 months until the world started to normalise again. Thankfully it has! In this time Luke has been rewriting and fine tuning the pilot script to bring it to an even higher level whilst also working hard on plotting out the Six-part series.

Where we are now: Luke, Larry, and Odd Drawer Digital are now very keen to get stuck back into the project and casting has already commenced with Lou Corfield (Game of Thrones and Sex Education) and Thomas Turgoose (This is England) already attached.

We are now on the lookout for investment once more and believe that this is a great opportunity for right person, business, or investment company.Everyone involved in the production has the same clear vision for what we would like to produce; a gritty, true to life, relatable comedy-drama that pulls on the heart strings, leaves you in hysterics and makes you wonder what’s going to happen next.

Investment use: A full breakdown on how much the production will cost has been constructed by Odd Drawer Digital and the final amount is £25000

Placement: The potential for this show is huge and we believe that commissioners and broadcasters will be queuing up to claim Smoked! once the pilot has been produced.
Between everyone involved in the production there are links to; Netflix; YouTube originals, Unilad, channel 4 and ITV.

Thank you for your time, The team at Smoked.

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